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Poll Result 2013: What brought you to Latin America?

The 2013 poll was: "What brought you to Latin America?" Here are the results.

  • Love: 66% with 2 votes
  • Money: 0% with 0 votes
  • Work: 33% with 1 vote
  • Studies: 0% with 0 votes
  • Other: 0% with 0 votes
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Poll Result 2012: Where's the best place to teach?

The 2012 poll was: "Where's the best place to teach?" Here are the results.

  • Mexico: 16% with 3 votes
  • Central America: 36% with 7 votes
  • South America: 47% with 9 votes
Be sure to vote in the 2013 poll: "What brought you to Latin America?"

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